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Thank you for visiting C&C Wildlife Removal.  

With all the construction and development going on in Atlanta and surrounding areas, wildlife such as squirrel, raccoon, rats, and mice are moving in.Wildlife can be very destructive.  Wildlife chews their way into attics, building nests in insulation, leaving feces and urine, chew up wiring.  This subjects homeowners and their family to deal with disease, property damage and fire hazards. 

C&C Wildlife removal prides our self on removing these animals and the prevention of the wildlife's unwanted return. We will work with our customers to provide AFFORDABLE solutions to solve the problem and to return wildlife back to their natural habitat. We believe in our NO KILL POLICY.

There are so many companies to choose from, so many that its difficult for homeowners to choose the right company.  Many companies will offer free inspection but will not trap unless fees are paid.  Others will not even begin trapping until a contract for exclusion/repair work has been made.  The free inspection is just to get their foot in the door. A free inspection to tell you what you already know.  You already know you have an unwanted guest.  You know you have a problem. We will come out determine what is in your home, begin trapping and communicate with you about what needs to be done to resolve the problem and prevent the animals from returning.  Exclusion/repair work is highly recommended but is not forced on our customers.
We will give you a quote on the exclusion/repair and the rest is up to you.  You the customer.  At C&C we still believe in helping our customers and knowing the customer relationship is more important than the sale.
Give C&C a call for pricing and/or inquiry.  We don't mind talking with you and giving information on the problem you are facing.   
C and C Wildlife Removal

" A No Kill "
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